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Missing Best Moments And Friends Sms

Here I Am Sitting In My House,
Thinking Hard About Life...
How It Changed From A Meverick
College Life To Strict Professional Life..
How Tiny Pocket Money
Changed To Monthly Paychecks....
Then Why It Gives Less Happiness???
How A Few Local Denim Jeans
Changed To New Branded Wardrobe...
Then Why There Are Less People To Use Them???
How A Single Plate Of A Samosa
Changed To A Full Pizza Or Burger...
Then Why There Is Less Hunger???
How A Bike Always In Reserve
Changed To A Car Always Full...
Then Why There Are Less Places To Go On???
How A Small Coffee Shop Changed To Cafe Coffe Day
But Then Why It Feels LikeShop Is Far Away???
Missing All Those Best Moments And Best Friends

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